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One object

By the magic of calculus, we can easily see the relation between force and momentum for a single object. Let's say the a point mass is being acted on by a force tex2html_wrap_inline1093 . Then we know its acceleration, right? It's just tex2html_wrap_inline1095 . So what about momemtum? Well if you go into hypnosis you might be able to regress to a time a few weeks ago and then remember the jolting definition of acceleration


Using these two equations, we have


But tex2html_wrap_inline1097 is just the momentum we've just defined, so when I snap my fingers and wake you up, you'll immediately see that


This is the total net force acting on this one object.

Now let's try to understand two objects.

Joshua Deutsch
Fri Jan 17 12:19:41 PST 1997